Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena is a fantastic multiplayer shark battle game, so get ready to have fun. Up to 20 players, chosen at random for each round. You must take control of a dangerous shark and get ready for a dangerous underwater conflict for control of the ocean. Start by escaping the helicopters of transport and entering the underwater arena. Once in the water, you can start looking for food.

How to play

You can initially only eat the tiniest fish. You will be able to expand your diet as you get bigger to eat bigger fish as well as swimmers and divers. By consuming other life forms, you can grow your shark. Swim up to your prey to eat it, or left-click to boost for a more ferocious attack!

As much as you can, go hunting and growing. Become the top predator by devouring your rivals. Take control of other players by spearing them with your tusk and devouring the leftover meat. Continue doing this until you are the ocean's most dreadful predator.

Tips and Tricks for Hungry Shark Arena

  • To grow into a very large shark is the aim of Hungry Shark Arena. Since you won't be able to eat the larger items just yet, concentrate on the smaller items first.
  • Early on in the game, focus on schools of fish. You should focus on larger and tastier prey like scuba divers as your shark grows stronger and larger.
  • Naturally, you should stay away from the larger sharks. If they attack you, you'll lose the game very quickly.
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