Control a rolling ball in this never-ending version of Horizon. When you first start the game, you will be presented with a visually appealing game space. 

The tunnel's design is reminiscent of the classic game Run 3. This game is simple at first, but it quickly becomes challenging and fun! Control your ball as it navigates the track's obstacles. You will come across a number of useful items lying on the ground along the way. Blue lightning will assist you in moving faster.

The more blue lightning you absorb, the faster you'll become. Absorb all the objects placed on the track, but be careful because these items are frequently placed near the obstacles; control the ball to roll flexibly so that it does not collide with the road obstacles.

Horizon Controls

Use the arrow keys to move. 


  • The latest installment in the Slope game series.
  • Collect diamonds to gain access to new balls.
  • Addictive gameplay 

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