A physics puzzle arcade game with battle royale elements is called Hole.io. Show them who the town's biggest hole is by getting out there. There are many different maps in this game to satiate your desire for destruction. There are numerous options, including cities, farms, medieval themes, and more. Picking a map from the drop-down menu will be your first step.

How to play

As an all-powerful black hole, you can decimate the city in the video game Hole.io. Eat everything you can with your black hole, then let it grow to consume more. Show them who is the biggest loser in town! Grow by eating everything in your path, including other players, fire hydrants, and trash cans. As you get bigger, you'll be able to eat bigger and bigger things until nothing is in your way! You can even swallow the black holes of other players if your black hole is big enough.

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