Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D is a fun driving game. Your aim is to race your car as fast as possible while avoiding other vehicles. With this exciting 3D game, you may customize your automobiles and race against the best in the business. Push your car to its limits and travel as quickly as possible while avoiding traffic. Highway Racer 3D has a ton of amazing automobiles and route settings, such as one-way traffic, night, day, and rainy days.

How to play

Select your vehicle and game mode. Highway Racer contains four game modes: one-way, two-way, time, and bomb. In bomb mode, you drive a truck laden with a potentially explosive bomb!

The amount of gold you earn for a run is determined by the distance you go and the bonuses you receive. You can use gold to improve the performance of your current vehicle and to purchase new vehicles.


  • W or the up arrow accelerates the car
  • AD or the left/right arrow steers it

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