Hidden Magic OG

Hidden Magic OG

Puzzle game Hidden Magic OG is both challenging and enjoyable. Search for lost items and assist the alchemist in making potions and spells.

You can count on being swept away on an adventure by this game. You will go into each of the eight chambers. There are roughly five levels in each. Before the time allotted for that expires on you, you must locate the necessary objects from the list in each of them. A fantastic atmosphere is created by the intricate 3D graphics, which draws you into the journey.

You'll come across enjoyable and straightforward hidden object challenges while you play. To assist the alchemist in making potions and spells, you must look for missing items. Take in the enchanted home's 360° vista as you enter the fantastical realm.


  • 8 individually created rooms.
  • There are a total of 40 levels.
  • Enhancing puzzle-solving abilities.
  • It's simple to play.


Use your mouse or finger to explore the many chambers and even swivel 360 degrees to examine all areas of the 3D hidden object.

Playing a casual 3D hidden object puzzle game with highly detailed amazing fairytale graphics can provide you with hours of exciting gameplay as well as an enticing environment.

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