In the platforming puzzle game Hexoboy, you play the role hexagonal boy who is on an exciting journey.

Hexoboy is a brand new and exciting platformer game that is completely free to play and features a plethora of exciting adventures, challenging puzzles, and fun. In this hexagonal game based on traditional puzzle platformers, you'll need to put your talents and brains to good use in order to assist the adorable brave hero in his adventure. Discover attractive 2D environments with a minimalist aesthetic in an action-adventure that is tranquil and peaceful.


You can move with the arrow keys or the WASD keys, and you can jump with the space bar. These simple controls will guide you through some hard stages on your route to new colorful worlds, so be careful not to get stuck while you're trying to earn stars and the crown! Fun like you remember from your childhood arcades: earn cash and stars, win crowns, scale ladders, ride platforms, dump and push boxes, and avoid obstacles by running and jumping.

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