Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow

With Getting Over Snow, you can help caged animals while navigating snowy mountains using your reliable hammer. Try to climb the steep snowy hills in this entertaining online sequel to Climbing Over It.

People who climb are those who ascend the highest peaks on earth. On the screen in front of you, which is situated on the mountainside, your character will be visible. He will need to ascend to the top. To do this, he will employ an extension pickaxe.

It is a lot of fun and tests your timing, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, speed, and timing. Playing is available right now!

Tips and Tricks 

If this is done, the pickaxe will expand to its maximum size. Then, he will throw it at the snow while standing on his hands and feet to raise himself to the required height. You can take your character all the way to the summit of the mountain in Getting Over Snow if you adhere to these guidelines.

Getting Over Snow Controls

You must click on the screen with your mouse in order to play.

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