Get 11 - Puzzle

Get 11 - Puzzle

Get 11 - Puzzle is a basic logical but challenging puzzle game to solve. The game does not have any time constraints or missions for players to complete. Match the numbers that are adjacent to each other to produce a number that is one higher. More matches are needed to reach 11 and beyond. The playing area will be sectioned off into cells with the same number of players in each. There will be tiles that each have a unique number printed on them.


After conducting a thorough investigation of everything, you will be able to locate the appropriate location for a group of tiles that share the same number and are located in close proximity to one another. Make a mouse click on a single tile to select it.

You will receive one new tile that has a number that is one higher than the previous set of numbers, and as a consequence, this group of game pieces will be removed from the game. As a consequence of this, if you continue to make movements in the Get 11 Puzzle game, you will eventually achieve the essential number 11. Have fun!

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