Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

In Geometry Dash Lite, play as a square and overcome the most difficult obstacles. The levels begin to speed up as the game progresses. A quick decision is required to ensure that the square does not crash.

You are, as you already know, a square, and your goal will be to jump on different platforms and avoid the traps that they have set for you. This game is the sequel to Geometry Dash, so it has more interesting features. Many hazards, such as spikes, buzzsaws, and high walls, await you in these mazes. If you collide with them, the adventure will come to an end.

How to play

To jump, use the left mouse button or the Spacebar.


  • There are numerous character skins to unlock and use.
  • There are numerous levels to complete.
  • Fly around on rockets while avoiding obstacles at the bottom and top.

Make every effort to travel as far as possible and collect all secret coins hidden throughout the mazes. Geometry Dash Lite is a fun game. You can also play Geometry Dash SubZero if you want a more difficult version of this game. Click to begin playing the game!