Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2

We're pleased to announce that Foxy Land 2, a fresh platform adventure game, is now available on our website.

To save your beloved love, who has been abducted by a nefarious eagle, you will have to put out all of your might. Controlling your character, moving through each stage, and gathering as many cherries and jewels as you can are the game's objectives. To offer your character various skins and make the fox more appealing, collect cherries.

How to play

Using the arrow keys, the fox may move and jump across the environment. avoiding potential threats such as traps, obstructions, and any other forms of potentially hostile creatures.

Gather as many berries as you can to raise your score. You will do better in a level the more diamonds you amass. The higher the star rating, from one to three, the better the return.

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