Find the Difference: Wednesday Mode

Find the Difference: Wednesday Mode

Find the Difference: Wednesday Mode is a fantastic online game that you can play right now for both kids and adults.

Identify 5 differences between two images that are similar to one another, then tap the areas to mark them. To identify the areas where the photographs differ, use a clue. We provide you hours of enjoyment and an enjoyable gaming experience with our more than 5000+ levels. Play a fresh new game of find differences! Develop your brain to increase attentiveness!


  • You can use our spot-the-difference app for free whenever and wherever you are on your device. 
  • Finding the difference will be more entertaining because to the various high-quality photographs in this game.
  • There is no time constraint. There are five differences in each level, and you must find them all!
  • The most addicting compare photos game ever has a variety of levels so that both youngsters and adults may start playing and enjoying it!


Use your smartphone's mouse or touch screen to operate the device.

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