Feller 3D

Feller 3D

In the fun simulation game Feller 3D, you can play a lumberjack and construct your own cottages. Choose the architecture and surroundings of the house based on your preferences and taste.  

You can experience what it's like to be a genuine logger using Feller 3D! logging, sawing, bark removal, dividing logs onto boards, and constructing lovely homes. Choose the architecture and surroundings of your home based on your preferences and taste. Feller 3D's stages can be completed several times to acquire new tools and locations as well as prepare a space for your future residence.  

How to play

Use your wits and tools, chop down all the trees, and master the art of logging! Pick select the proper trees to chop from a scarce forest to start, then go on to gather more innovative and efficient techniques of eradication! Then, beginning with the wood you've laboriously harvested, begin constructing homes that will make loggers everywhere jealous! 

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