Falling Ball 3D

Falling Ball 3D

Falling Ball 3D is an arcade game with 3D platforms that features the usual ball skillfully running.

You need to make an effort to avoid the various obstacles in your path along the platform as you move along to prevent falling off the edge. Before you reach the finish line, each level has a few platforms at various heights for you to conquer.

Maintaining the ball on the platform while obtaining as many gold coins as you can are your goals. A greater variety of skins for the ball you controlled can be unlocked using the gold coins. It is also possible to challenge the endless mode if you get bored with the regular mode.


  • There are two game modes: Continuously Ordinary.
  • Vivid backgrounds and platforms.
  • Many new balls that can be unlocked.
  • Make a spin to win.
  • Addictive music.


Moving the ball left and right requires dragging the left mouse button.

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