Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner allows you to transform into a black hole and swallow the city! Grow with every bite you take from the streets, concentrate on the right materials to get bigger faster, and dominate with the fear you instill in humans! Collect the green barrels and make your way to the farthest point to get more gold!

How to play

Consume as many items as possible during the level to expand and score more points. Recognize that red barrels explode and cause you to shrink. Green barrels activate rush modifications, which allow you to grow to your maximum size and gain invulnerability.


  • There are numerous food options available.
  • 3D graphics with interactive effects
  • The three difficulty levels are Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • This game is a great way to unwind because it is so good and captivating.
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