Egg Wars

Egg Wars

One of the most played games on Cubecraft is Egg Wars, which you should try right now!

There are lots of people playing this team-based PVP game. The object of the game is to destroy each team's egg so that the other team can't respawn before shooting all of their players.

Take on the role of an intimidating egg soldier in the game Egg Wars who is willing to do anything to prevail in this unusual melee battle, and live an experience like no other! The amount of time you have to collect tokens from generators to use in the shop to buy armor, weapons, and other items is unlimited.

Solo, two-person, four-person, or ten-person teams are all possible. Be very careful because you also lose your inventory when you pass away.

Rules of Egg Wars

Four teams made up of 16 players will be formed. They'll be born on four various islands. A base and an egg are on the island. As long as the egg is present, members of the team can be revived.

The island will produce iron, gold, and diamonds, which were used to trade with island merchants for equipment.

Utilize the tools and blocks at your disposal to fill the central island with more resources.

Erect a bridge to the enemy's island, then destroy the egg.


  • Cool animations and gorgeous graphics.
  • modes for team PvP and battle royale.
  • Smooth control and simple gameplay.


  • Move by using WASD.
  • To aim and shoot, use your mouse.
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