Excellent runner and platformer gameplay can be found in Dronner. You are tasked with picking up cargo boxes from the ground and transporting as many of them to the finish platform as you can. Be wary of the obstacles, or you risk falling behind in the game.

Fly through the air with the most exciting technological development that Dronner has ever produced! Drones have been a huge hit ever since they were first presented to the public, and there is no sign that this trend will abate any time soon. Now you won't have to choose between having fun and getting things done because you can fly a huge drone! Are you prepared to carry out each of the responsibilities?


Your goal in Dronner is to pilot your drone in the most efficient manner possible. You are functioning essentially as a freight transporter, and it is your job to deliver all of the boxes to the people who purchased them. On the platform are the boxes that need to be collected; they are currently in a laying position. Just remember to maintain the drone's equilibrium in the most effective manner. You will be able to get your drone lower in order to pick up the boxes from the ground using this method. To control the drone, hold down and drag. Try not to touch any of the obstacles.

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