Drive Mad 3: Drive Classic

Drive Mad 3: Drive Classic

Drive Mad new version, also known as Drive Mad 3: Drive Classic tracks feature impassable obstacles! A driving game in which the objective is to complete the level without getting hit by a car.

There hasn't been much of a shift. Once more, you are in store for challenging courses and a deteriorating vehicle that is prone to mechanical failure. A unique truck or vehicle will be assigned to provide service to each track. The characteristics of the tracks are subject to modification at each level. But there is no need to be concerned. It is not enough to simply step on the gas pedal and keep driving in order to get around these roads.

In point of fact, if you continue to press the gas pedal, you will never be able to get around the track. You are responsible for maintaining the vehicle at a safe speed. You are able to drive through water, but your mission will be unsuccessful if the vehicle overturns or crashes. This simple racing game is just the beginning of a longer series that will have additional levels to play through in the future. The following part of the process will almost certainly be more challenging!


To operate the vehicle, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys.

You can try again and move on to the next level by pressing the Space bar.

Tips for Drive Mad 3: Drive Classic 

Always make sure that you are keeping an eye on the road. You will be better able to navigate around obstacles and arrive at your destination without incident if you do this.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the various stunts and obstacles that appear on the screen, as they will either bring you to a stop or cause you to lose progress.

If you use the boost feature correctly, it will assist you in accelerating while preserving your balance, which will prevent you from falling over.

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