Drive Mad 2: Winter

Drive Mad 2: Winter

In Drive Mad 2: Winter, you will have the opportunity to take your powerful four-wheel drive off-road vehicle for a spin through the snow-covered hills.

As you progress through the driving game Drive Mad, you will encounter a number of hazards that you will need to avoid colliding with. Your goal in this race is to get to the finish line without picking up any injuries along the way. The wheels on your pickup truck have been altered in preparation for the winter driving conditions you can expect to encounter. This incredible racing game is now available to us in a special holiday-themed edition for the winter season. 

This game has ten challenging levels that get progressively more difficult as you progress through it. You can expect to run into a variety of unexpected obstacles and traps throughout the course of the game. 


  • Use the W, D, X, Up arrow/Right arrow/Or mouse click to move forward.
  • To move in the opposite direction, use the arrows S, A, Z, Down, and Left.

It is possible that you will need to try something multiple times before you are successful in overcoming an obstacle. You are still in for a fun time while you are traveling by car. Make use of a number of different mechanisms in order to navigate around any obstacles or potentially hazardous traps that may be in your path.

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