Dog Puzzle Story

Dog Puzzle Story

In the enjoyable match 3 game Dog Puzzle Story, the player assists a dog on a journey. 

Three is the lowest match we can come up with. We can then make a four-match to produce the first power-up. A line is the first power-up, and after matching one, it eliminates the entire row. We can then make a five-match to provide the following power-up. A ball that explodes to destroy the majority of the map is the following power-up. Every few hours, we can receive gifts like player power-ups to use in the stages, and at level five, a reward wheel becomes available. 

Game Controls

To play, use the mouse.

Drag an icon to a nearby square by tapping it.


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Play dozens of different levels.
  • Various small assignments to finish
  • Many boosts to unlock and utilize

Depending on how well we do, each level we win awards us with coins and one to three stars. Three additional player power-ups that can assist with levels can be unlocked during the game.

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