Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

In the simple T-Rex game Dinosaur Game, your objective is to avoid obstacles for as long as you can. Make an effort to get as many points as you possibly can! 

When the web browser isn't open, Google Chrome's built-in game displays an error page. The main character is a cute T-Rex dinosaur that may be seen jogging through an ancient desert. The objective of the dinosaur game is, without a shadow of a doubt, to steer clear of pterodactyls and cacti. 

How To Play

Use the space bar to launch the game. Use the up and down arrow keys to maneuver the dino.  


  • In an endless runner game, a T-Rex appears.
  • A well-known Google web game with a side-scrolling camera view.
  • 2D graphics in 8 bits.

FAQs for the Dinosaur Game

What is the highest score ever achieved in this game?

Your score is reset to 0 whenever you reach the top score of 99999.

What is the purpose of the dinosaur in Google Chrome?

The dinosaur game may now be played offline and without an internet connection on Chrome. The game may be played without an internet connection, which is mocked by the dinosaur theme, which implies that doing so is analogous to the "prehistoric ages."

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