Dino Bros

Dino Bros

Do you know about the game Dino Bros? Believe me! This is an excellent brain training and amusement game that you should not overlook.

The game's main characters are dinosaurs again, like in the Dino Game right? But this time is two dinosaur brothers with colorful lego blocks. At all levels of the game, they will move in the same direction. Naturally, because they are brothers! You must devise a method for the two dinosaur brothers to collect yellow lego bricks.

How to play

To change the direction of the dinosaur brothers' movement, use the arrow keys.

You can only go through the stages if you collect all of the yellow Lego blocks. Use your exceptional wisdom to complete the level as swiftly as possible. In this engrossing game, find your way to the door to advance to the next level.


  • Graphics are stunning.
  • There are plenty of levels waiting for you to complete.
  • In your spare time, exercise your brain.
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