Cuphead is an action game in the typical run-and-gun style, with a strong emphasis on boss fights. The visuals and sounds are painstakingly constructed with the same techniques used during the era, such as classic hand-drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and authentic jazz records. These techniques were inspired by the cartoons that were popular during the 1930s.

How to play 

When you enter the battle, you can play as Cuphead or Mugman. When you run into a wall, your character will turn around. So all you have to do to collect the coins is jump over the obstacles. Once you've collected enough coins, allow Cuphead to enter the door to advance to the next level.

Each level has a unique theme and context that correspond to the bosses. In addition, the number of obstacles you must overcome is growing and becoming more dangerous. But don't worry too much. Because the more difficult the situation, the greater the loot.

Cuphead Features 

  • Control characters in a simple game akin to the Super Mario series with basic keys.
  • Each round is difficult, instilling in players the will to win.
  • Graphics are memorable, evoking fond recollections among players.