Crazy Runner in City

Crazy Runner in City

The city-themed endless runner Crazy Runner in City is great fun. 

The game's rules are easy to understand. Running and accelerating across a network of connected slopes while controlling a 3D character is required. You must have outstanding reflexes and reactions to manage the character since he moves really quickly.

As you roll, you must also try to gather the blue diamonds in order to buy various goods and advance. Use vitamins as well, don't forget! Aim for a high score and accomplishments by running forward from level to level while avoiding falling off of platforms! Are you able to last long enough to earn a high score? 


  • On-screen controls: To turn left or right, press the arrow keys A or D. 
  • Swipe left to steer left to right on a mobile device. 


  • Diamonds that are collectible and can be used to unlock new characters and purchase power-ups.
  • Playing is entertaining and quick.
  • Go as far as you can on the infinite level.
  • The theme of a very casual game.

Slope and Jungle Run OZ might be the next best thing if you're looking forward to an enjoyable journey. Have fun with it. 

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