Color Road

Color Road

The action-packed ball adventure game Color Road can be played online. You must continue to move forward in your flight as you work toward crossing the finish line at each level.

You take control of a ball that rolls along a platform in this game, and the only other balls that it can make contact with are those of the same color. When you come into contact with balls of the same color, you will be rewarded with coins and energy. On the other hand, the game will start over whenever you touch one of the balls of a different color. As an illustration, the game is considered a failure if a white ball collides with a red ball. As soon as your ball crosses the finish line, the color it is currently will change. And naturally, you embark on the next leg of your trip.


Make use of your mouse.


  • Try to get as far as you can in this game that will never end!
  • Every player, no matter their age, will enter a vibrant new world.
  • It is not difficult to control multiple devices at once.
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