Color Pop 3D

Color Pop 3D

A difficult online skill game, Color Pop 3D, may be played by everyone. It's a fun and challenging arcade game where you have to avoid getting hit by the spinning steel plates while trying to fill the circle with paint from the paintballs you shoot. In this fast-paced action game, the spinning fans won't paint themselves if you let them! Here is where you come into play. 


Take control of a cannon that will fire various colors of paint at them, but watch out for the explosions! If you get caught on one of the fan's blades, you'll have to start the level over again.

In each stage of the game, you will have to time the application of paint so that it strikes a group of fans that are connected to a pipeline at precisely the proper moment. It is necessary to cover every part of each fan before moving on to the next one, but you should avoid touching the blades. If you get struck by one, the game is finished for you!

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