Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker

You can have fun playing the clicker game Capybara Clicker online right now. To collect coins, you must click on the adorable animal that appears in the game's center.

The game's features include the capacity for mass production of capybaras, the acquisition of auto-click and upgrades to enhance output, and the unlocking of new skins and weather conditions. You can increase your capacity to produce more guinea pigs by investing in upgrades that increase the number of animals you automatically receive with each tap.


  • Make several capybaras throughout the round.
  • To increase your earnings, purchase autoclick and upgrade.
  • Get new capybara skins unlocked.
  • Change the weather for the ideal setting

Capybara Clicker Controls

To interact with the in-game interface, press the left mouse button.

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