Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher

You control a hydraulic excavator with a crusher bucket up front in the calming demolition game Bucket Crusher

You must use a saw in this interesting and tranquil game to separate various pixel mosaics. You will operate the machinery as a bucket crusher driver to take down walls. Use the might of your machine to smash brick walls and collect money. The levels become tougher as you go since there are more bricks to break, starting off as small brick obstacles.


  • Simple game mechanics that are fun to play.
  • Take apart a lot of brick mosaics.
  • Get money for each block you claim.
  • Boost the output of your machinery.


Drag the left mouse button to move the machine.

For additional autonomy and the capability to dig deeper, you may buy a number of upgrades to increase the strength, reach, and diameter of your crusher bucket as well as the size of your fuel tank. The game has a number of levels with obstacles that become harder as you go, as well as a number of different skins you can get for your excavator.

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