Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

In the brand-new bubble shooter Bubbles & Hungry Dragon, you may compete against other players for the win. Get your powerful dragon, and try to pop as many bubbles as you can!

With several stages to get through, the game delivers a fun and difficult gaming experience. Choose your dragon and join the two-on-two combat. The standard Match 3 game mechanics are still in effect. In this classic arcade team game, you must aim, shoot, and combine bubbles of the same hue to destroy your opponents. Naturally, clearing a larger cluster will result in more points for you and lessen the likelihood that the bottom row of bubbles will cross the game-over line.

You will receive gold coins at the end of your round in Bubbles & Hungry Dragon, which you may spend to purchase additional dragons with improved speed, energy, and aim. Dragons' stats differ from one another. In Bubbles & Hungry Dragon, you must choose which quality you value more and how to best position yourself for success.


  • Power-ups and bonuses are included to assist players in achieving higher score totals.
  • Because it is not difficult to play and features controls that are easy to understand, players of all ages may enjoy it.
  • A fun match-3 game that guarantees to keep players occupied for a significant amount of time.


Use your mouse to shoot the bubble.

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