Bubble Shooter Vegetables

Bubble Shooter Vegetables

Bubble Shooter Vegetables is a tough bubble shooter game that everyone can play. 

This game will bring you the best things you can get at any time of year. Use the gun to shoot the tastiest veggies from each of the four seasons to earn points. Gather the things on the right before the veggies cross the line to finish a level.

How to play

Aim and shoot the bubbles to get balls of the same color together. Get all of the balls you need to pass the level. Make sure that the bubble doesn't hit the line that says "limit."

Tips for Bubble Shooter Vegetables

  • Aim for bubbles at the top: Start by shooting bubbles at the ones at the top of the screen to see if you can start a chain reaction that will clear more bubbles.
  • Use the walls: You can use the obstacles to reach bubbles that are hard to hit directly by bouncing bubbles off of them.
  • Create matches: Try to group three or more bubbles of the same color together to get rid of them and earn points.
  • Use power-ups:  The game gives you a number of power-ups, like bombs or fireballs, that can help you pop more bubbles and move on to higher levels. Use them in a smart and wise way.
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