Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is a fun and simple game to play. The most severe bubble shooter game available, with fast-paced gameplay and added objects such as bombs and other powerups. Simply launch the game and begin popping those extreme bubbles.

When you detonate a bomb, all connected bubbles explode. If you hit the nuclear bubble, all bubbles of that hue will be removed. Some bubbles are two-colored, and you can bust them by connecting both colors. Collect all pills to earn bonus points.

How to play

Tap the screen or shoot the bubbles with your mouse. Hold the mouse button or push the screen to aim. Release or click to direct the bubble to the desired location.

This is the most advanced bubble shooter version you can imagine. Clear the field by scoring as many points as you can!

This game provides all the fun and makes your day better with its engaging gameplay and excellent 2D graphics! It can also be performed by people of all ages. You can also check out our Bubble Shooter Pro 2. Are you ready to go on this vibrant adventure?

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