Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

A thrilling 3D battle royale game for players of all ages is called Brawl Stars.

Two teams of three characters are pitted against one another in this real-time combat game in a setting with various traps and elements to deal with. Your aim is crystal clear: to make the opposing team learn a lesson. Be the last person standing by all means.

Compete against other players from around the globe to unlock every character.

Brawl Stars Features

  • Join forces to face off against players from around the world in live 3v3 matches.
  • Discover and gather powerful, fresh brawlers, each with a unique attack and superpower.
  • recurring events and game modes
  • Join a club or start one with other players if you want to share strategies and fight alongside them.

How to play

  • To move your character in the game, use the left virtual joystick.
  • Use the appropriate virtual joystick to attack your adversaries.
  • If you tap it once, your character will attack the enemy that is closest to them.

You can only successfully use your hero power once it has been loaded by pressing the appropriate button.

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