Box Run

Box Run

In Box Run, you have to decide the path the box will follow to get there. Anyone seeking a difficult experience would adore this excursion.

The protagonist of the narrative is a small chick. Because he does not yet know how to fly, the chick must jump to get where he is going. You have to help the main character overcome a number of obstacles in a world where everything is constructed of square boxes.

How to play 

The shimmering portal is the sole exit from the level, although getting there is challenging. You may move about and step on the buttons to activate mechanisms that create bridges across platforms. You can even spin to stand up. Plan your behaviors so that when you get at the gateway, you will be standing up.

You will receive points if two boxes of the same color touch each other; Box Run will be over if two boxes of different colors touch each other. I hope you had fun.

Will you be able to guide our protagonist through the stage quickly while also striving to keep him from slipping off the cliff throughout this perilous adventure? Enjoy this game right now by playing it!

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