Bounce and Collect

Bounce and Collect

You strive to fill a glass container with a specific quantity of white bouncy balls in the skill game Bounce and Collect. Playing this game will put your hand-eye coordination to the test while also giving you the opportunity to enhance your ability to regulate your speed.

Your goal is to collect balls by exploiting bonus regions with multiplication factors to rapidly increase the amount. Each ball will be multiplied by the number printed over the green area if it travels over a green region that says "X4, X5, X6 or more" or anything similar.

By changing the pace of the balls, the game allows players to test their dexterity while also improving hand-eye coordination. You may finally win three stars and finish the current level no matter how many balls you gathered at each level! Do you feel up to the task?


Swipe to release the balls into the appropriate spots in order to play. Controls include "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK."

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