Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Blob Opera is a fun music-making game in which you control four different blob singers to create the most amazing harmonies within an opera.

Do you want to write your own opera but lack musical talent? David Lee has created yet another amusing and bizarre game. In this Google Labs experimental game, you use blobs to create cool music. Give each blob something to sing to create a nice opera sound. Begin by giving each of your voices a brief introduction in Blob Opera, and you will discover that you can control not only their notes but also their faces.

They don't actually say the words of a language, but you can move the mouse to the sides to hear different vowel sounds. In this entertaining online game, you can choose the notes and pitch to create a beautiful (or ugly) sound.

Blob Opera Features

  • Real opera voices were used to create this piece.
  • Create epic songs without any musical experience.
  • Make a video of the results and share them with your friends.
  • A variety of vocal techniques and harmonies are used.

How to play

Simply follow the on-screen instructions. You can change the note by moving your finger up and down, or the vowel by moving your finger side to side.

To change the pitch of one of the gummy-bodied blobs, click and drag it up and down. To vary their vowel sounds, pull them forward and backward.

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