Bitlife is an exhilarating text-based life simulation game with a broad variety of possibilities and completely free life choices.

How will a person spend their life? If you've never thought about your life, this is the time to do so. So, you'll be spending Bitlife on this game. You will start your life as a newborn, with no knowledge of your gender or upbringing. In this fun online game, explore every stage of life. Travel the world and live your life one step at a time.

Which path will you choose in Bitlife? Would you think outside the box, be constantly active, toy with the law, and make an effort to avoid getting arrested so you may fulfill your parents' dreams of having a respectable education, the ideal marriage, and kids? You get to pick the story. This is the only text-based life simulator that can accurately replicate the story, despite the fact that there are numerous interactive narrative games on the market.


Using the mouse, select your choice.

You should be successful and joyful while playing BitLife.

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