Battledudes is a true 2D multiplayer shooter with a map that can be completely destroyed. Two armies are fighting for control of the enemy base area. It is an io multiplayer war game.

In this game, do you have what it takes to prove to your foes that you are the one in charge? Simply pressing the play button will put you into a fight of unknown origin. You also have the choice to sign in using your registration information. The game includes a variety of fun team battle modes, such as "capturing the flag," for players to participate in. On the main page, there are several menus that will lead you to different types of weapon equipment and enhancements.

You have access to over 20 unique weapons, each of which can be unlocked by playing the game and gaining experience points. These weapons can be used to assist you in combating the various foes you face. Battledudes include a leaderboard that keeps track of players' stats on a daily, weekly, and all-time basis.


  • Many different maps
  • Multimodes gameplay 
  • Excellent graphics.


  • Use W,A,S,D: move
  • Click to aim and shoot; Key 1,2,3,4 to change weapon
  • Use R: reload
  • Use  E: interact
  • Use M: map
  • Use Q: quick switch
  • Use Space: drift
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