Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917


You take command of a squad of soldiers in the gripping two-dimensional shooting game "Battalion Commander 1917," which is set during the First World War. Your mission is to remove any foes that get in your path and the game is set in 1917. You need to cover as much ground as possible while overcoming as many enemy barriers as you can and destroying as many hostile armored vehicles as you can. Take out entire infantry units while dodging the gunshots that are coming your way. Your mission is to rescue the soldiers who have been taken prisoner and are being held in cages. Increase the size of your army and work to improve your combat effectiveness!


The most terrifying commander on the western front has committed all of his forces. You will be able to save your soldiers, assemble a formidable force, and triumph over the opposing army as you progress in your own abilities, gear, and troops.

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