Ball Rush

Ball Rush

Ball Rush is the most recent arcade addiction, featuring a brand-new, intriguing board-painting puzzle game.

In this game of ball, press the play button to start the spherical rolling. On the right and left sides of the street, there are cones erected. When changing lanes, you can avoid them. Save up the white diamonds to buy additional spheres by collecting them. By earning points during your runs, you can fill the progress bar in the top left corner of the screen. Your score increases by one point for each cone you pass.

Each level in Ball Rush presents a unique challenge, requiring fast thinking to avoid hazards and gather power-ups. The game's dynamic nature heightens the anticipation and maintains your attention throughout the entire session.


  • Slide the color ball around to complete the puzzles.
  • Unique fascinating painting puzzle
  • Complete all of the board puzzles in order to access further content.
  • Cover the entire surface with paint. Stunning visuals and auditory effects.

Slope Game and Balls Race are worthwhile to try if you enjoy playing running games. Playing the game is difficult; it becomes harder the further you go.

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