Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a very strange meta-horror game with little in the way of educational value.

Games with spooky entertainment from the 1990s served as inspiration for this one.  To escape the school after gathering seven notebooks is the goal of the game, but that's easier said than done! To develop a successful strategy and keep from being caught by Baldi, you'll need to study everything there is to know about the game. 

Game Modes

  • Story mode: To succeed in story mode, you must amass seven notebooks and then flee the building. Baldi's speed will increase as you accumulate more notebooks. Simple yet really difficult.
  • Endless mode: Endless mode is a test to see how many notebooks you can gather before being apprehended by Baldi. Baldi will gradually gain speed, but he will slow down after each time you complete a successful notebook task. You can acquire more notebooks the longer you can slow down his speed.


The controls operate similarly to first-person walking simulators. 

  • WASD can be used to move and strafe. 
  • Use the mouse to scan the area. 
  • Hold shift to run for a little moment. 
  • To gather items and engage with the environment, left-click. 

Have fun with Baldi's Basics and check out Backrooms and our Horror games collection for more titles like this game!

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