Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

The classic Breakout game has been updated in Atari Breakout.

Hit the colored blocks with the ball until none are left in the game. Avoid letting the ball go through your paddle. Use power-ups to play this timeless game and move on to the next level.

How to play

Use the ball to smash through all of the blocks to win the game. It's difficult to line up in a way that you won't miss it. You can collect these power-ups, which include everything from making a bigger hitting area to adding more balls to the game. 


  • Make the balls three in number.
  • Increase your paddle's size.
  • To enable the ball to destroy all of the blocks, make it "heavy."
  • Create laser-shooting paddles.

The bottom left corner of your screen contains a display of your lives. If you run out of lives, you have to start the game over. Take a look at Atari Missile Command If you looking for more titles like this game. 

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