8 Ball Pro

8 Ball Pro

Play a round of pool against the computer or a friend in this incredible pool game called 8 Ball Pro

8 Ball Pro is an addicting and challenging game based on real 3D pool games, in which you can compete against your friends online. Divide the balls into triangles and take turns shooting your color pattern into the six pockets. You get to shoot again if one of your balls goes in!

You only need to choose a pool table and get started. The player must use the cue to hit the white ball and knock the other balls into the pockets in this sports game. Become the best pool player and challenge your friends in this pool game.

How to play 

Use the white ball to knock the other balls into the six pockets located in the corners and middle of the rectangular pool table's long sides.

One player had to pocket the striped balls while the other attempted to pocket the solid colors. The black 8 ball is saved until last.


  • Aim with the MOUSE.
  • To shoot/set power, use the LEFT-CLICK button.
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