Slope Ball

Slope Ball

Running Slope Ball is a fun game that you should try to play right now!

The protagonist of this game is a ball. The ball once traveled to a new planet. There is gloom all over this planet. The mascots are the cause. The planet's mascots have been darkened. They lost the hexagon and turned into dreadful monsters. Anyone can be attacked by them. This persona frequently takes part in daring exploits. You have an exciting journey ahead of you! There are 11 different levels you must complete. With more complicated obstacles, the levels will get harder.

Through portals, you can alter your character. Seven different characters are represented by seven different portals. Manage the crystal ball as it travels along the endless, sloping track. To proceed on your journey without danger, jump over pits that go on forever and land precisely. Earn points to gain access to new skins, power-ups, and items.

How to play

To jump, press the left mouse button, the W key, or the up arrow key.

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